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Elandis, as part of the privately-owned Libra Group, active in 35 countries on six continents, can call upon 15 years’ collective experience on the real estate business in hospitality, commercial and residential markets


Elandis announces sale of The Beach House Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine


Elandis agrees second partnership with Ameris Capital to pool institutional investors in the multifamily arena, integrates other Libra worldwide real estate assets under its portfolio, closes its first financing operation with Fannie Mae and sells the Yachtsman Hotel in Maine


The company is rebranded to Elandis and opens its first European office, located in Madrid, Spain. Expansion of multifamily business activities into Texas, with the acquisition of almost 1,000 units in Houston. Elandis finishes the construction of its first Hyatt Place in Brazil, under the joint venture agreement with Hyatt Corporation


First partnership with Ameris Capital is closed to pool institutional investors and co-invest in the multifamily business. Successful exit of first round of multifamily investments in Florida commences


All the real estate businesses across the Americas become part of the same group


FCA expands multifamily operations to Nevada, US, with the acquisition of an asset in Las Vegas while divesting its residential portfolio in NYC. FSA launches its first hospitality development project in Argentina, Grace Cafayate in Salta.


FCA divests the vast majority of its assets in Panama and makes its first hotel acquisitions in US, a total of five hotels in New England


FCA sets organically a Property Management arm in the US in order to manage multifamily assets more efficiently and profitably effectively


FCA opens a new office in Florida, US, to undertake its first residential multifamily investment in Florida, followed by other investments in the same segment in the coming years


FCA’s business in Panama develops into opportunistic commercial acquisition and asset repositioning, building up a portfolio worth $50m+ in barely 18 months


FSA’s business in Argentina quickly develops into land trading and residential & commercial development, very successfully deploying capital and putting together a great professional team in the following five years


FSA (First South America) and FCA (First Central America) are set-up in Argentina and Panama respectively, leveraging on partnerships and relationships built historically by its mother company, Libra Group

5,8 million

sq. ft. of owned, developed or managed

multifamily units


commercial assets

development projects



Elandis' investment model is based on the acquisition and repositioning of undervalued assets in certain high growth markets. We take advantage of our global network of personal and professional relationships, along with local expertise and on-the-ground presence, to identify off market opportunities, establish alliances with third parties and deploy capital intelligently.

Our long history of real estate transactions has resulted in a considerable portfolio in key cities such as Miami, Tampa, New York, Buenos Aires, Panama, and São Paulo.

We continue to seek opportunities that meet our investment and brokerage criteria. As an owner-operator, we actively target properties where we can improve both the asset and the overall community.



Elandis Services, our Property Management division, focuses primarily on improving our portfolio´s operating efficiencies, generating added value to our assets and improving profitable growth for our investors.

The result is ‘best practice’ management by an expert organization. Our maintenance teams optimize the value of long-term assets as well as the conditions for the residents of the property, reducing tenant turnover, raising occupancy and rental rates.

Our range of services covers the whole cycle of property management; from daily maintenance, repairs, inventory or revenue management, to credit control, rental contracts, insurance negotiation or legal advice.

We also offer a full range of property management services to third-parties requiring our experience. For owner associations, we offer fully outsourced services such as staffing, collection, administration, finance, reporting, cleaning, maintenance and gardening. For self-managed partnerships, we can support your executive teams with services such as budgeting, accounting or collection of defaulters.



Elandis has developed numerous hotel, commercial and residential projects all over the world and especially in Latin America.
Our approach is to back local development partners in executing projects and we are happy to act as an active financial partner where required. We work with world-class contractors and design teams to create a quality product in line with the project ´s requests.

We believe passionately in creating a built environment that not only meets investor objectives but makes a positive contribution to local communities. This means deploying local construction talent wherever possible, choosing designs and approaches that complement and reinforce cultural identity, and minimizing the disruption associated with the development process.

Working in partnership with landowners, architects and contractors around the world, we are committed to sustainable development that meets both the needs of communities, companies and the hotel industry. Our experience ranges from the development of the initial work of the project to the final stage of execution and delivery.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Elandis, above all, we believe in value creation. Not only in our investments, but also through active management of our property portfolio, building environments that enhance local communities. We feel that our greatest strength is our diverse team and the combined experience and local knowledge they bring to the business, with an entrepreneurial spirit and social conscience.

Two of our core values are the responsibility and commitment, towards our people, partners, and the whole global community in which we operate.

We continue to build new relationships, supported on confidence and reaching new goals outside our frontiers.

Meet our team

Frank Espinosa


As CEO, Frank has overall responsibility for the management and strategic direction of Elandis.

Before joining the company, he worked with Libra Capital's investment management team in designing the investment strategy and business plan for FCA Group. His relationship with Libra dates from 1999 when his responsibility for a fleet of ships as Vice President of a shipping company brought him in close contact with Libra's global transportation business.

Having worked throughout the Central American region, Frank has intimate knowledge of its culture and commercial landscape.

Frank Espinosa


Luis Pulido


Ted Lawson


Gustavo Araujo

General Manager FSA


Frank Espinosa
Chief Executive Officer

Ted Lawson
Chief Operating Officer

Luis Pulido
Chief Financial Officer

Jorge Del Valle
General Counsel

Ignacio Velasco
VP Accountant

Nury Ruizcalderon
Senior Accountant

Pablo Flaifel
Property Manager Advisor

Camilo Ramos
Regional Property Manager

Zulema Ramos
Accountant Associate

Guillermo Guerra
IT Associate


Raul Gonzalez Neira

Maria del Carmen Cadiz
Senior Accountant

Bayardo Aguado
Property Management


Gustavo Araujo
General Manager FSA

Rodolfo Garcia Bollini
VP Operations

Florencia Fontana
Senior Counsel

Alfredo Perez
Project Manager

Cristina Zadorizny
Senior Accounting

Pedro Diamante
Hospitality Development consultant

Our main sectors

We acquire and reposition undervalued properties in high growth markets


Representative offices and buildings in prime areas

Representative offices and buildings in prime areas
Our offering is attractive to the world-class organizations that occupy our properties as they seek the assurance that comes from partnering with a stable, long-term, professional owner-operator with the highest standards in real estate management.

In the US, we own a colonial building in Coral Gables, Florida where the company headquarters are located. We own another landmark building in Manhattan, home to the Libra Group in the US, as well as a historic property – over 200 years old – in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

In Europe, the company also has prime offices, including a long-standing building in London, England, next to Victoria Station, one in Cologne, Germany, and a select building in the exclusive neighborhood of Voula, near Athens, Greece, where Libra Group and some subsidiaries have their headquarters.

The company has also developed modern urban style prime offices buildings in Latin America.

Multifamily rental and management of properties across the Southern US

Multifamily rental and management of properties across the Southern US
During the last years, Elandis has acquired and manages an extensive multifamily portfolio, primarily in the Sunbelt States of US, leveraged on the experience gained through our premium residential investments in prime locations throughout the Americas.

Multifamily properties require a particular and distinctive approach from the rest of residential segment. From the very beginning we undertake a full assessment of each property and scope out a wide program of improvements to enhance the whole residential community. We also integrate ourselves with homeowner associations and bring our resources and commitment to the benefit of all condominium units and residents.

We continue to pursue further residential investment opportunities to grow our portfolio and reinforce our in-house Property Management services.

Wide and diverse portfolio of hotels in all geographies

Wide and diverse portfolio of hotels in all geographies
For the creation of our portfolio of hotels, we rely on the extensive global experience of our parent company, Libra Group, which operates approximately 50 exclusive hotels across five continents.

We support the development process where necessary, and we believe that the best commercial formula is to outsource the day-to-day management of a hotel with a specialized company. In this regard, we are closely involved, not only with Libra Group, but also with other international hotel management companies such as Hay Creek or Hyatt Place, along local operators.
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