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Elandis is a real estate partnership between Libra Group, a privately owned, global business group with assets and operations in nearly 60 countries, and M&G Investments, a leading savings and investments business. To learn more about Libra Group, visit


Elandis acquires nine Multifamily Communities in Houston and Central Florida with a combined 2,071 units


Elandis announces the start of a new venture with M&G Investments.
Acquisition of 1,000 units in Texas and Florida.


Further divestment of improved multifamily assets during the year


Sale of multifamily asset in Las Vegas, NV.


Elandis agrees second partnership with Ameris Capital to pool institutional investors in the multifamily arena and closes its first financing operation with Fannie Mae.


The company is rebranded to Elandis.
Expansion of multifamily business activities into Texas, with the acquisition of almost 1,000 units in Houston.


First partnership with Ameris Capital is closed to pool institutional investors and co-invest in the multifamily business.
Successful exit of first round of multifamily investments commences.


FCA expands multifamily operations to Nevada, with the acquisition of an asset in Las Vegas while divesting its residential portfolio in NYC.


FCA creates a Property Management arm in the US in order to manage multifamily assets more effectively and profitably.


FCA opens office in US, to undertake its first residential multifamily investment in Florida, followed by other investments in the same segment in the coming years.


Investments made across the real estate cycle and the Americas. Investments range from land trading and development in Latam, to purchase of troubled assets in Central and North America.

$160 MM

units repositioned and sold

avg. NOI CAGR of assets owned & repositioned

years of investing in the U.S. multifamily arena

realized transactions

value of property sold


Elandis’s investment model is predicated on acquiring and repositioning assets in specific high-growth markets. We leverage our network of professional relationships, coupled with our local expertise and on-the-ground presence, to pinpoint off-market opportunities, forge strategic alliances with third-party entities, and intelligently allocate capital

US multifamily is our focus and passion. But Elandis has over fifteen years of experience as an owner and developer across the residential, office, and hospitality sectors. Our varied and deep experience across industries has informed and enriched our multifamily investment strategy.

We continue to seek opportunities that meet our investment criteria. As an owner-operator, we actively target properties where we can improve both the asset and the overall community.


Elandis Services, our Property Management division, focuses on improving our portfolio´s operating efficiencies, generating and adding value to our assets, and enhancing the quality of life in our communities.

The result is best-practice management by an expert organization. Our property teams optimize the value of long-term assets as well as the conditions for the residents of the property, reducing tenant turnover and raising occupancy.

Our range of services covers the whole cycle of property management; from marketing, daily maintenance, major repairs, inventory or revenue management, to credit control, vendor contracts, insurance negotiation or regulatory counsel.

Value Creation

The result of the strategy to date is a consistent track record since 2010 of generating IRRs in excess of comparable historic performance for this sector. Elandis operates under the full understanding of fiduciary responsibility to its investors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Elandis, above all, we believe in value creation. Not only in our investments, but also through active management of our property portfolio, building environments that enhance local communities. We feel that our greatest strength is our diverse team and the combined experience and local knowledge they bring to the business, with an entrepreneurial spirit and social conscience.

Two of our core values are the responsibility and commitment, towards our people, partners, and the whole global community in which we operate.

We continue to create new relationships, built on trust, in pursuit of our commercial and community objectives.

Meet our team

Frank Espinosa


As CEO, Frank has overall responsibility for the management and strategic direction of Elandis.

Before joining the company, he worked with Libra Capital's investment management team in designing the investment strategy and business plan for FCA Group. His relationship with Libra dates from 1999 when his responsibility for a fleet of ships as Vice President of a shipping company brought him in close contact with Libra's global transportation business.

Having worked throughout the Central American region, Frank has intimate knowledge of its culture and commercial landscape.

Frank Espinosa


Luis Pulido


Ted Lawson



Dianna Bailey
Regional Manager

Jorge Del Valle
General Counsel

David Ferreira
Regional Manager

Yanelis Garcia
Accounting Director

Leslie Gonzalez
Accounting Associate

Guillermo Guerra
IT Manager

Brittany Hyde
Central Portfolio Director

Paige Hughes
System Administrator & Technical Support

Andrew Ionescu

Donna Kolman
Human Resources Director

Emily Kruep
Regional Manager

Nicklas Macionis
Asset Management Analyst

Isabel Marchiani
HR Coordinator

Cathy Noske
Regional Manager

Michael Otte
Maintenance and Capital Projects Director

Camilo Ramos
West Portfolio Director

Luz Sarabia
Accounting Associate

Yoseelinne Valdes
Accounting Associate

Tracy Wiley
East Portfolio Director

Virocgi Yaech
Accounting Associate

The Art of Repositioning

An integration of analytics, technical expertise and community building


Maximizing the returns of the equity owners

An uneven recovery of the US multifamily market, across asset classes and geographic markets, provides opportunities to acquire underperforming value-add assets in markets experiencing sustainable growth. The fundamental return driver in our track record has been asset repositioning, rather than cyclical market recovery.

Within multifamily, we target niche markets with expected demographic growth above US average, and on asset sizes that are large for an individual investor but small for portfolio/institutional investors.

Our own property management operations and operational expertise allow us to not only shrewdly manage the assets after acquisition, but to properly price them, targeting value creation rather than fee collection. This allows us to maximize returns while also boosting resident's quality of life.

Strong team with expertise in investing, financing and management

Elandis has a track record of outperforming competitors in all three phases of ownership: a) stabilizing the asset; b) maximizing the asset; and c) selling the asset.

A number of unique strategies for each of the three phases have been developed over the years, and each asset receives derived from these. In addition to the more typical physical and financial repositioning tactics, Elandis believes in additional environmental repositioning tactics, which have typically made our asset repositionings faster and more cost efficient than those of competitors around us.

Elandis today is composed of a strong team with expertise in investing, financing and management. We have worked together for more than five years, but some team members go back 17 years

We focus on creating better communities

As our reach grows, so does our responsibility to manage the environmental, social and governance aspects of our business. We focus on creating not just stronger assets and returns, but also better communities.

Elandis identifies opportunities for operational enhancements that will lead both to an enhanced environment and to better financial performance during the early stages of the investment process. The objective is to enhance investment returns by increasing environmental efficiencies, reducing environmental blight and reducing waste. We strive to identify physical improvements needed for energy efficiency and operate investments in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our platform to acquire under-performing, distressed multifamily apartments allows us the opportunity to do high impact social good. We invest in poorly maintained, older properties, and often in previously under served areas. Doing this conscientiously allows us to decrease local crime, remove visual blight, provide local employment, and improve the quality of life for local residents. Further, by bringing online abandoned or neglected apartments, we can provide a much-needed increase in housing stock for workforce families.
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